An Evening of Magic is an amazing and interactive online magic show for any gathering!  Celebrations, Team Meetings, Virtual Cocktail Hours any reason you could possibly think of!  All from the comfort of your own Zoom!


The show is fully customizable!  You can have one magician or several, all with different magic and performance styles. A typical show usually lasts for 30 minutes although it can be lengthened or shortened to suit your needs and budget. 

Speaking of magicians, we have some of the WORLD'S GREATEST magicians  with impressive performance credits (Cirque du Soleil, The Magic Castle, Penn & Teller's FOOL US) available for your show.  



An absolutely One-of-a-kind show!  A custom created magic show combined with a custom cocktail experience.  Not only will our Magicians amaze and astound you but our Mixologist will pop in with a few hands-on how-to's for some titillatingly tasty cocktails to make and imbibe during the show.  This show is best suited for a 21+ gathering.

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Magic & Mixology

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